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The United Reformed Church in Congo (URCC) is a denomination of the Universal Church of Christ in the world.  It is a branch of the large historical tree that existed from the Reformation trend of the 16th Century in Europe. 

This denomination belongs to the Presbyterian-Reformed family of churches.  It follows the doctrinal line of the French Reformer John Calvin.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, then called Zaire, the Conservative Reformed faith came in through the Gospel proclamation by the late Rev. Aaron R. Kayayan.  He was the director of the radio broadcast known as "Perspectives Reformees," a French ministry of the "Back to God Hour" of  the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  This French program was listened to by many people in Africa, the Caribbean Isles and Haiti.

In Africa, many groups of Reformed Bible Study started until those groups became the living body of Christ, the Head.  One of those churches is the Eglise Reformee Confessante au Congo (ERCC) which was initiated by the people of Congo who listened to the Rev. Kayayan's preaching in 1984.

As the time passed, the ERCC members realized that the Reformed doctrine, and church government, were not observed as promised at the formation of the ERCC.  Therefore, a special synod was called in Mbuji-Mayi in July 2008 to settle matters with the leaders of the ERCC.  The latter didn't show up, so the Special Synod was held as it was decided by the 6th General Synod of the ERCC.  However, there was a great disagreement among the members until there emerged a new denomination: the United Reformed Church in Congo (URCC), registered by the DR Congo Minister of Justice on February 17, 2010 (under No. 234/Cab/Min/Jus/2010).

The URCC adopted the three Forms of Unity that are the Heidelberg Catechism (1563), Belgic Confession (1563) and the Canons of Dort (1618-1619).  The URCC accepted the Presbyterial-synodal system of the Church Government.  Its Church Order is modeled on this time of the Church government.

The URCC entertains the Ecumenical church relationship with other Reformed Churches.  It has the following as sister churches:
~ The Reformed Churches in Netherlands-Liberated (GK-V)
~ The Reformed Churches in South Africa (RCSA/GKSA)
~ The Reformed Church in the United States (RCUS)

The URCC is in correspondence with the United Reformed church in North America (URCNA) so that the sister church relationship can be established.  The URCC was supported by the above-mentioned sister churches to continue being a member of the ICRC as a Reformed denomination in DR Congo.


In this photo, the Bupuekele Reformed Church Ladies prepare to cook cassava roots to feed to the children in our Evangelism Ministry.

In DR Congo, the United Reformed Church operates in Katanga (Lubumbashi), Kasai Oriental (Mbuji-Mayi), Kasai Occidental (Kananga), Province Orientale (Kisangani), and Kinshasa.  We are heading to the North and South Kivu provinces where we have some contact with people through the radio broadcast "Reformed Faith and Life" by Rev. Eric Kayayan and with some brothers and sisters who visitthe named regions.  The Western provinces of Bandundu and Bas-Congo,and the Northern province of the Equateur, Mbandaka, are the mission field focused on in our daily prayers.

The vision of URCC is to reach the disadvantaged population and the neglected areas of the country.  The Pygmies are being reached, but much is still to be done.  The areas where the Gospel was preached have become unreachable because of the poor communication and road infrastructure.  The faith of the people became cold because they have no Bibles and no preachers.  The field is wide, and the workers and tools are needed in this country.  The challenge remains the proclamation of the Gospel to deepen the faith of many, to bring people to Christ through repentance and true conversion; to fight against superstition, all pagan beliefs and  neo-paganism; to proclaim the Gospel of peace and unity among these hundreds of tribes where clanism and tribalism hinder the true prophetic proclamation.  The political and economic development of the nation is challenged by poverty, as well as superficial proclamations aimed at the prosperity Gospel and social well-being day and night by most of the preachers in DR Congo.

Thank you for visiting.  In days to come, we will bring you the latest news of God's work through the United Reformed Church in Congo.

Christian greetings to you all,
Rev. K. M. Kabongo


This is the first URCC meeting in the Lubumbashi Classes in Katanga Province.